WISE Academies: Championing the Advanced Good Work Pledge

We are proud to have achieved the Advanced Good Work Pledge by the North of Tyne Combined Authority. This achievement showcases WISE’s commitment to ensuring our Academies and Trust environment is a thriving place for our employees. 

At WISE, we know our employees are passionate about delivering the best education for our pupils. We want to reward this passion by ensuring our work environment remains a positive community for them.

The Good Work Pledge

The Good Work Pledge recognises five pillars of a conducive work environment. 

The first pillar, Valuing and Rewarding Your Workforce, emphasises fair wages, commitment to the Real Living Wage, job security, and additional benefits like flexible working. 

Promoting Health and Wellbeing, the second pillar, underscores a safe work environment, health and safety training, supporting healthy lifestyles, and aiding employees with health issues or disabilities. 

Effective Communications and Representation, the third pillar, highlights listening to employees, providing autonomy, inclusive practices, and fostering trust and fairness. 

Developing a Balanced Workforce, the fourth pillar, focuses on workforce equality, investing in training, offering apprenticeships, and empowering low-skilled workers for progression. 

The fifth pillar, Social Responsibility, revolves around responsible procurement, local engagement, promoting personal social responsibility through community projects, and a firm commitment to sustainability, including reducing the carbon footprint.

How WISE Shapes Up 

Obtaining an advanced Good Work Pledge means that WISE pays attention to and is a proactive participant in each of the pillars, creating a very strong environment for employees to thrive. 

Valuing Job Security

Job security is more than a promise at WISE Academies; it’s a tangible reality for our employees to feel safe and comfortable to thrive.

With a remarkable 90% of staff on permanent contracts, fixed-term contracts exist primarily for specific reasons like maternity cover and secondments. These positions often evolve into permanent roles, exemplifying our commitment to continuity. 

Retention rates exceeding the CIPD recommendations reflect the dedication to staff retention and satisfaction. 

Through fostering continuous professional development, internal promotions, and a supportive work environment, we are recognised for cultivating an atmosphere of stability and growth.

Creating Safe and Healthy Work Environments

Our devotion to a safe and healthy workplace is evident through a robust Health and Safety team. Equipped with competent guidance and training, staff receive comprehensive induction on Health and Safety, ensuring a proactive approach to accident prevention. 

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles and Wellbeing

The well-being of employees is not just a priority but a core principle at WISE Academies. 

We have comprehensive policies, mental health support networks, and initiatives catering to every facet of employee health. 

From physical well-being initiatives like weight management and physiotherapy to fostering social connections through support groups, the trust actively nurtures a holistic approach to health. 

The Good Work Pledge also mentions that the provision of occupational health services and employee engagement forums further accentuates our commitment to staff wellbeing.

Empowering Employees Through Development and Learning

At WISE Academies, we are firm believers in nurturing talent through continuous learning and development opportunities. Educating our educators is a must to ensure the best outcomes in our schools. 

A robust learning and development culture ensures that every staff member has access to professional growth avenues. 

The trust invests significantly in ongoing professional development, ensuring that employees not only receive essential training but also get exposure to a plethora of development opportunities aligned with the organisation’s values.

Employee Feedback and Continuous Improvement

We value the voice of our employees, and this is recognised as evident through avenues like staff surveys, engagement forums, and an open-door policy. 

Insights from these forums drive actionable plans to enhance workplace satisfaction, communication, and support systems. 

We are receptive to feedback, and our commitment to improvement empowers employees to contribute to a continuously evolving and supportive work environment.

WISE Values All Employees 

In an industry where nurturing young minds is paramount, we strongly believe that a compassionate work environment directly impacts the quality of education. 

Through commitment to employee wellbeing, job security, and growth opportunities, we hope to help set a benchmark for all educational institutions to emulate. 

It’s not just about upholding the Advanced Good Work Pledge; it’s about ensuring that our employees thrive and, in turn, create an environment where students can flourish.