New Funding Announced for Various Projects to Support Schools Across The Trust

We are delighted to announce that we have secured funding supported by the North of Tyne Combined Authority (NTCA). This comes off the back of our Childhood Pledge, an initiative to ensure all children in our trust have amazing childhood experiences. We believe that every child deserves a fair opportunity to flourish and grow as an independent individual.

This funding we secured helps us to create initiatives throughout the Trust to help our pupils and their communities. With this fantastic funding, we can implement several plans including a campsite facility, a trust-wide event, a gardener’s club, and some funded residential trips for our children and staff to enhance the curriculum.

Sleeping under the stars at Haltwhistle Academy

Haltwhistle Academy has wanted to develop a campsite facility for some time in order to give all of the trust’s schools a chance to go on a residential trip that will have minimal financial impact on families. Haltwhistle Academy is situated in a dark skies area, so pupils will have an amazing opportunity to ‘sleep under the stars.’

The facility will immerse children in the outdoors, fostering learning for outdoor survival skills. With the capacity for up to 60 children, the plan is in its early stages, envisioning one or two nights of tented accommodation within Haltwhistle grounds. Access to local amenities such as the outdoor pool, Hadrian’s Wall, and the Roman Army Museum will help enrich this experience for pupils, and offer them more educational opportunities. 

The goal is to launch in the summer term, initially serving Haltwhistle and Shaftoe, with expansion to other schools in the subsequent academic years.

Another Memorable Moment- WISE Olympics

On Friday 12th July, the WISE Olympics aims to unite all trust schools in a fantastic Olympic-style sports event. Leading up to the big day, schools will engage in various heats and in-school competitions selecting top contenders to represent their school during WISE Olympics. 

On the day of the event, the youngest participants will enjoy a series of carousel activities within Gateshead Stadium’s sports hall, while older students showcase their skills in the main stadium. After the event, a medal ceremony will be held at each school to celebrate all of the students’ achievements. 

This is also a great event for pupils and staff to interact with others and create a sense of unity across the Trust.

WISE Trust Gardener’s Club

The Trust Gardener’s Club involves students cultivating fruits and vegetables alongside dedicated staff members. Each school will begin with three planters, nurturing a hands-on connection with gardening. 

Regular meet-ups with fellow gardeners from other trust schools will serve as opportunities to organise fundraisers aimed at expanding equipment resources, ensuring more children can benefit from the club in future. 

This idea aligns with the trust’s commitments within the Childhood Pledge to ‘grow your own food and eat it’, ‘attend a club’ and ‘have a responsibility in school’. 

The Future of Trust Funding

We are immensely grateful to the NTCA for their invaluable support in providing funding for our trust. This funding epitomises our commitment to our Childhood Pledge, ensuring that every child, regardless of their background, has the opportunity to thrive.

With this generous support, we are excited to embark on a series of initiatives aimed at enriching the lives of pupils and their families across our schools. From the establishment of a campsite facility at Haltwhistle Academy to the exhilarating WISE Olympics and the nurturing environment of the Trust Gardener’s Club, each project is designed to foster learning and a sense of responsibility within our school community.

As we look to the future, any remaining funds will be dedicated to providing enriching experiences for our children, including school trips to destinations like Northumberlandia and Talkin Tarn. Together, with the continued support of our partners and stakeholders, we are confident in our ability to create a brighter, more inclusive future for all.