Why join
WISE Academies

I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone at WISE for the understanding, support and, where relevant, challenge since Adderlane became a part of WISE academies.
Chair of the Local Governing Body - Adderlane Academy

We welcome approaches from schools or MATs considering joining WISE Academies as we seek to grow for the benefit of all our pupils. We are a family of schools that exist to inspire each pupil to believe in themselves, so they experience great success through our commitment to excellence.

We are always very happy to hear from organisations that feel there could be a good match in terms of shared Vision and Values. It’s vitally important that all parties, including the DfE, take time to get to know each other and to understand each other’s situation and characteristics.

Above all, we are looking for partners to join us who are passionate about the benefits of working together for the good of each other.

National reputation and recognition & proven track record
Proud to be a primary only trust
Strong financial support – initially reduced central charge
Autonomy to develop curriculum model and teaching and learning
Career development – Aspiring Leader positions, Headteacher plus model
First class central support