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WISE Academies

We welcome approaches from schools or MATs considering joining WISE Academies as we seek to grow for the benefit of all our pupils. We are a family of schools that exist to inspire each pupil to believe in themselves, so they experience great success through our commitment to excellence.

We are always very happy to hear from organisations that feel there could be a good match in terms of shared Vision and Values. It’s vitally important that all parties, including the DfE, take time to get to know each other and to understand each other’s situation and characteristics.

Above all, we are looking for partners to join us who are passionate about the benefits of working together for the good of each other.

Joining Our Trust

Take a look at our brochure for more information on what WISE Academies can offer any schools who are looking to join a multi-academy trust.

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    Message from our CEO

    Welcome to WISE Academies Trust. We understand that choosing a MAT to join can be a difficult and daunting task. Please take the time to look at the information within this brochure to find out more about us, our schools and the way we work. 

    WISE Academies was established in 2011 and we have achieved a great deal since our formation. Our mission is to ‘Inspire Success and Excellence’ in each child so that they have a strong foundation on which to build the rest of their lives, and an ambition and firm belief that they can achieve anything they set as their goal. 

    Central to our success is the WISE workforce. We aim to be an employer of choice. We want to attract great staff, invest in professional development, identify and promote talent and use the skills of individuals to make us stronger. 

    One of the strengths of our Trust is how we work together for the good of each other. We are more than a Trust by name, it’s the trusting relationships that exist between staff, pupils, parents, governors and our local communities that move us forward. All are encouraged to have their voice heard so that we can listen, self-reflect and ensure the organisation is right at every level. It is my overarching goal that everyone connected with WISE Academies has a positive view of our Trust. 

    We have achieved a great deal and have a proven track record of school improvement. WISE comprises twelve schools, including an Associate Research School and we are rightly proud of them, the pupils, staff and communities they serve. Each school is unique and they are all united in believing passionately that all young people should have the opportunity to develop, be aspirational and achieve their goals. Through ongoing self-analysis, review and learning from others, we seek to be one of the best Trusts in the country and be renowned for excellent practice in all we do, first and foremost in the education we provide for our pupils and then for our excellent central services that we provide for our academies. 

    This pack will provide you with a range of information on what WISE Academies can offer any schools who are looking to join a multi-academy trust. 

    If you need any further information, feel free to contact me as follows: 

    Telephone: 0191 707 0125
    E-Mail: headoffice@wiseacademies.co.uk

    Zoe Carr O.B.E.

    CEO WISE Academies

    Our vision and values

    We are a family of schools who exist to inspire each pupil to believe in themselves so they experience great success through our commitment to excellence. Our philosophy is one of boundless aspiration...the sky is the limit.

    We are determined to create outstanding academies and will work hard to ensure that every school in the WISE family is a first class organisation. 

    Our Commitment

    We are one team who, together, all commit to achieving our mission. Because our mission is our collective responsibility, we will work collaboratively to support any part of our family who needs help and be quick to celebrate each other’s successes.

    For WISE Pupils

    • We foster a love of learning and strive for all pupils to be happy and contented. 
    • We set the highest possible standards for each pupil and work tirelessly to support each child to achieve their full potential. 
    • We understand and value each pupil, recognising their unique potential and promoting their individual talents and interests so that they enjoy and achieve success in many different ways. 
    • We support the health and well-being of every pupil so they grow as well-rounded, responsible individuals. 
    • We ensure that every pupil is proficient in communication, reading, writing and mathematics and have a strong foundation on which to build future learning. 
    • We ensure that pupils have broadened horizons by providing them with a rich and varied curriculum so that they know the possibilities that are open to them in later life. 
    • We seek to connect our pupils to the world of work both within their community and wider afield.

    As a WISE Team

    • We act with honesty, integrity and fairness in everything we do. 
    • We all carry out our roles to the highest of standards, with attention to detail. 
    • We act as role models to our pupils demonstrating excellence in all we do. 
    • We act with a sense of urgency to address any areas that do not contribute positively to the achievement of our mission. 
    • We value the contribution of each part of the team. 
    • We invest in our team in order to support their development and equip them to achieve excellence. 
    • We commit to on-going self-evaluation to drive us forward. 
    • We hold each other accountable to the achievement of our mission. 
    • We have high expectations and take collective responsibility for continuous improvement.

    For the WISE Community

    • We respect the heritage of our schools and their unique place in their communities.  
    • We seek to be at the heart of our communities, liaising with families, local services and businesses for the good of our pupils. 
    • We are outward-facing and seek to find excellence through external partnerships in order to support us in achieving our mission.
    • We treat all stakeholders with understanding and respect and always listen to feedback in order to help us to continually improve.

    Joining WISE Academies has secured the future of Adderlane Academy. We now have a team around our school who are dedicated to its success!
    Emma Potts Headteacher at Adderlane Academy

    A WISE choice

    Trust academies are well supported by an extensive, highly skilled central support team that has grown over time and now covers every area of operation. Within our trust there is shared accountability for standards; all schools support each other and the trust is accountable for them all.

    Delivering key services to our schools

    Our central team provide a comprehensive support service, working in partnership with schools to allow them to focus on delivering the best possible education for pupils.

    What makes WISE Academies unique?

    By working in partnership with each other, the schools within WISE Academies share staff, curriculum expertise and effective teaching practices, we work together to deliver the best outcomes for pupils to enable us to create outstanding schools.

    Continuous School Improvement

    • Proven trust operating model with school and business expertise
    • Experience of a range of school types and locations
    • Dedicated Ofsted inspectors within the Trust 
    • Committed to the professional development of all our staff

    Our schools

    WISE Academies is a Multi-Academy Trust which operates schools in Newcastle, Northumberland and Sunderland. We are determined to create outstanding academies and every effort will be made to ensure that every school is an outstanding organisation.

    All our schools have been judged as either ’Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ by OFSTED on their first inspection.

    South of Tyne Hub

    Ashley Academy

    South Shields

    Bexhill Academy


    North View Academy


    Hasting Hill Academy


    Town End Academy


    North of Tyne Hub

    Morpeth Road Academy


    Croftway Academy


    Malvin's Close Academy


    Welbeck Academy


    Northumberland Hub

    Adderlane Academy


    Haltwhistle Academy


    Prudhoe West Academy


    Shaftoe Trust Academy

    Haydon Bridge

    Brilliant sponsors are transforming schools up and down the country – sponsors like WISE Academies Trust in Sunderland.
    Lord Nash Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, October 2015

    Governance Structure

    WISE Academies has a multi-layered governance structure as set out in its Articles of Association and Schemes of Delegation. This includes a Local Governing Body (LGB) in each academy; Regional Boards and a Board of Trustees (Directors) who are responsible for running the academies and monitoring standards and finances.


    Hold the Board of Trustees to account and devolve power to run the academies to the Board of Trustees.


    Use their wide range of skills and experience to take the necessary strategic decisions to improve and strengthen the Trust. Support and challenge the CEO to ensure the high performance of the organisation.

    Regional Boards

    Responsible for the oversight of the academies in their hub. Each board has a linked Trustee who gains insights into the academies within the hub and can communicate their needs to the Board of Trustees. Support and challenge the Regional Hub Leader to ensure Academy effectiveness.

    Local Governing Body

    A vital part of the WISE governance structure. Has representation of parents, staff and the local community. Focus solely on the performance and operation of the academy. Support and challenge the School Leaders to ensure school effectiveness.

    Process for interested schools

    After a period of informal discussions, we commence a more formal, two-way, due diligence process. This allows each party to get a really deep understanding of the position. Once it is agreed that all sides wish to proceed we will engage our legal advisors to undertake the formal process. 

    Expression of interest to join

    Consult Governing Body

    Discuss the option of joining WISE Academies with school’s own governing body and any other authoritative bodies.

    Due Diligence

    Effective due diligence is essential for both parties. Schools need to ensure WISE Academies is the correct option.. WISE Academies will also undertake due diligence into schools that are considering joining.

    Stakeholder Engagement and Consultation

    Consultation and engagement will be carried out later as part of the process of applying to join WISE Academies.

    Formal Notification to Proceed

    Written confirmation to WISE Academies of commitment to proceed. This is followed by an application to the DfE Regional Schools Commissioner who will formally approve the application.

    Conversion Process

    Schools will be fully supported through the conversion process with legal requirements, finance, estates, communications and HR.

    Welcome to WISE Academies

    Working in partnership with other schools is a key strength of the WISE Academies team. As schools we collaborate well on all areas of school improvement - working together to improve curriculum approaches and teaching and learning, with classroom teachers, subject leaders and senior leaders all involved.

    Find out more

    WISE Academies Head Office
    Borodin Avenue
    Town End Farm
    SR5 4NX

    (0191) 7070 125

    I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone at WISE for the understanding, support and, where relevant, challenge since Adderlane became a part of WISE academies.
    Chair of the Local Governing Body - Adderlane Academy
    National reputation and recognition & proven track record
    Proud to be a primary only trust
    Strong financial support – initially reduced central charge
    Autonomy to develop curriculum model and teaching and learning
    Career development – Aspiring Leader positions, Headteacher plus model
    First class central support