Shaftoe Trust Academy Ofsted

We are delighted to share our Inspection Report following our June Ofsted visit. 

The Inspection judged the school to be ‘Good’ overall. In addition, Behaviour and Attitudes, pupils’ Personal Development, and the provision for Early Years children were all found to be outstanding! We’re so proud of the hard work from everyone involved across the school community and the town of Haydon Bridge – this report is the culmination of everyone’s hard work and the sense of partnership which exists throughout the local community. It’s lovely to read words such as exemplary and exceptional in an inspection report – such plaudits are hard-won and well deserved! 

Key highlights in the report include: 

Pupils learn and play alongside each other harmoniously. Their behaviour in and around school is exceptional.

Pupils’ sense of justice, fairness and equality is strong. They feel safe in school. They like and trust the staff and know that they are there to help them when they need it. Pupils’ behaviour and attitudes are exemplary.

The determined leadership of the headteacher, with the support of the trust, has brought about much change. Leaders ensure that the school keeps getting better. Leaders have ensured that a culture of safeguarding pervades throughout the school. The quality of (pupils’) work on books and around the school is high.

A copy of the report is available at the link here.

Many congratulations to Miss Phazey and the staff and Governors of the school, to WISE Academies, and not least, to the families and children of this wonderful school.