WISE Receives Recognition

At a discussion in the House of Commons this week, it was suggested that children in the North of England growing up in poorer families emerge from schools with substantially lower levels of academic attainment.  However, we are proud to say that amongst some other regional Trusts, WISE Academies has since been acknowledged by Leora Cruddas (CEO of the Confederation of School Trusts) as one of the regions ‘brilliant…great, larger Trusts’ with a track record in turning around schools that have for some time fallen short of high quality educational provision. 

The article prepared by Ms Cruddas acknowledged that ‘the issue that now faces the government, organisations like the Northern Powerhouse and indeed us all, is to address and resolve disadvantage and poverty – and the stark regional differences in these.’ 

However, we are overjoyed to receive recognition by Ms Cruddas for the work we have already and will continue to do to ensure that every child across the Trust  receives a high quality education irrespective of background.  

We are proud of our education leaders and teachers who do an outstanding job and consistently rise to the challenge. 
Please read the article here